Panasonic G6 – noise and grain

Compared to the hacked GH2 I almost fell off my chair looking at the footage of my newly bought Panasonic G6 because there was heavy grain.

I figured out that setting i.Dynamic to “high”, like I knew it from the hacked GH2, caused most of the noise. Turning this off increased the image quality a lot.

Depending on how deep you’d like to digg in post production, you can set noise reduction to 0 or -1 and use some of the in camera noise reduction. I also encountered good results with NR set to -3 and optional post processing.

Currently using STD -3 -3 -1 -3 with Panasonic lenses. STD 0 0 0 0 works well, too.
You can see a comparison of the two settings here:

A more detailed video on the G6 vs. GH2 (hacked) vs. GH3 will follow.

What test setups do you use and how do you measure exposure while testing different settings?
I find the in-camera exposure metering a little uncomfortable. Maybe I’ll try Zebra as orientation so I get the most light without overexposing.